„An apple a day“: Erfolgreiche Premiere mit Mehrwert

JULY 2020
The scientific impulse was provided by Jana Steindl, oecotrophologist and scientific employee of the foundation with her research work “Nutrition as part of medical treatment - attitudes and perceptions of (prospective) doctors in a professional context”.

Afterwards, experts from the fields of nutritional science and medicine discussed whether the cooperation between the two fields is on the right track and where the challenges lie. Also present: Dr. Silke Lichtenstein, Managing Director of the Dr. Rainer Wild-Stiftung, Laura Drösch, medical student at the Georg-August-University of Göttingen, PD Dr. Frank Jochum, 1st Vice President of the DGEM e.V. and Chief Physician of the clinic for children's and youth medicine at the Protestant Forest Hospital Spandau and Prof. Dr. Robert Ehehalt, gastroenterologist and lecturer at the University of Heidelberg.
The result of the first Tischgespräch / table talk have been strong opinions, interesting questions and excellent feedback. We conceived, titled and advised, dramaturgically led and technically implemented and managed the event.
Expert panel:
Laura Drösch:
The importance of nutrition is often overlooked in daily medical practice. During your studies, you hardly ever come to contact with the topic of nutrition or with nutrition tips. If you actually want to learn something about it, you must stand up for it. The topic of nutrition within medicine needs way more attention and should be implemented in practice.

Prof. Dr. Robert Ehehalt:
The problem is the doctors' time schedule. If there is only five to ten minutes envisaged per patient, I cannot do a nutritional diagnosis. What we should work on is the network. We should use modern medicine and platforms on which nutritional therapy conversations take place. With the doctor, with the patient, with nutritionists (...), for inventing new concepts, that show how to network and how to implement the topic even better.

PD Dr. Frank Jochum:
Nutrition and health belong together. This makes it more incomprehensible that we were able to leave this field out of the training of physicians. We do know that healthy nutrition is the base for good development of children (…), that it lowers morbidity, that it lowers costs and that it spares personal suffering. (…) A lot has to happen, but I have the impression that we are making good progress.

Dr. Silke Lichtenstein:
We at the level of the professional associations are also acting together, hand in hand, in solidarity. (...) We are all committed and we want to continue to work for this topic.
Suggestions and reactions of the participants(a selection):

Kommentar eines Teilnehmenden:
I find that the patients' diet is very often underestimated in diagnostics anyway. Especially for diseases that are not directly related to nutrition.

Kommentar eines Teilnehmenden:
I think teamwork between nutritionists and doctors should be very important. Because nutrition can have a great influence on a wide variety of illnesses, but unfortunately it can't fix everything.

Kommentar eines Teilnehmenden:As long as it costs nothing, doctors are happy to ask, but they find it very difficult to hire someone. It would be good for anamnesis, because we could ask completely different questions and work well in partnership.

Kommentar eines Teilnehmenden:

For many patients it is important that the doctor tells them that a nutritional consultation would be useful. The doctor has a great deal of influence there.

Kommentar eines Teilnehmenden:
Thank you very much, keep up the good work! We also need more communication with / to the medical profession in the periphery outside of the university cities!

Kommentar eines Teilnehmenden:
Thank you for this event. Greetings to Heidelberg.

Kommentar eines Teilnehmenden:
Amazing event – thanks a lot!

Kommentar eines Teilnehmenden:
Good idea: Nutrition specialist - physician - patient discussion online. Already conducted in presence. Thanks for the good event.

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