BASF Bauernmarkt

15,000 - 20,000 visitors a year — an institution. Within the Metropolitan Region and beyond.
One of the largest farmers’ markets in
2008 - 2019
How safe is our food? How long does it take to develop a crop protection product? What is the role of BASF in sustainable agriculture and why does it have its own farm?

Well known way beyond the Rhein-Neckar Metropolitan Region: the BASF Bauernmarkt always on Whit Saturday, but always different. Hands-on and user-friendly agriculture on the “Rehhuette” farm in Limburgerhof.
The Project and the Brief
The aim of the BASF Bauernmarkt is to show in a visitor-friendly way the purpose of crop protection an important sector of the chemical company  as well as the contribution of BASF to agriculture. To demonstrate how modern agriculture produces high-quality food for everyone. To offer visitors a platform for dialogue on the topics of agriculture and crop protection and afford a better understanding of the challenges and opportunities for agriculture in the future. Innovative concepts and strong support of the event have been the challenge to our agency team by BASF for 11 years now.
Idea and Implementation
Since 2008 we have been working with BASF on developing the event concept, each particular theme and implementation for maximum appeal to the visitors. We source the perfect regional partners for each theme and coordinate advertising, execution and activities.

The event theme for 2018: “Responsibility to humanity and environment”

23rd BASF Bauernmarkt, May 19, 2018:
10 pavilions containing interesting and informative facts on the topics of agriculture, nutrition, food safety and consumer protection. Over 100 booths with handicrafts, creative and culinary offerings. A varied family program on the theme of agriculture and nutrition is augmented by numerous creative and hands-on activities and a discovery tour.

Our team is perfectly tuned to the requirements of the BASF crop protection sector. We have been organising and supporting this big event with 15,000 to 20,000 enthusiastic visitors for 11 years now and are continuously working with great success in developing new and thrilling experiences.

Bauernmarkt 2017
“Thank you so much for your professional support both in the run-up to the Bauernmarkt and above all on the day itself. We really enjoyed the friendly co-operation and good teamwork in the preparation and implementation of the Bauernmarkt 2017. Every Bauernmarkt is different, as we notice each time. Visitors were presented with many interesting, thrilling and informative facts at more than 120 trade, activity and exhibition booths and actively sought dialogue with the experts. The new member of our executive team, Saori Dubourg, and Division Manager, Markus Heldt, were able to observe this and were impressed by the commitment of employees and the attention to detail on the trade stands. Markus Heldt praised the great atmosphere and professional preparation as “an outstanding performance”.

Public Relations & Event Management, Global
Communications Crop Protection

Bauernmarkt 2011
“….well over 20,000 visitors enjoyed an attractive and successful event.
We see the Bauernmarkt constantly evolving through new ideas, new exhibitors and themes. Your professionalism in implementation and in dealing with both external suppliers and all the various internal units has once again been proven this year. Despite its size and the huge crowds, the event went off smoothly and with a relaxed vibe – that is certainly not a given! The feedback, not only from visitors but also from colleagues and management, was unanimously positive. Both in the run-up and on-site your friendly team was at all times approachable and ready to solve any occurring problems. Your team is always highly flexible and customer orientated. Thank you very much for your commitment, your ideas and your contribution to this highly successful event!”

BASF, Global Communications Crop Protection