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Ministry of Economics, Labour and Housing Baden-Württemberg
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Online productions such as congresses, specialist forums, interactive explanation and storytelling formats, virtual shows, networked conference formats for closed groups of participants, specialist communities as well as for the interested public.
The agency with professional licences for the online conference platforms hopin, MS Teams Live Events, Cisco Webex Events and Expo-IP.
2021 and 2022
We meet the digital challenges with surprising dramaturgies for a wide variety of online productions based on sophisticated and highly professional conceptual and technical solutions. And which we design and realise in our green screen studio or in pop-up broadcast studios for and with our clients.
Task & demand
Conception and management of exciting sequence dramaturgies incl. storyboards and speaker briefings, production handling in our green screen studio or in various broadcast studios. Realisation in live streams on various communication platforms, such as hopin, MS Teams Live Events, Cisco Webex Events or Expo-IP - with integration of virtual dialogue rooms and YouTube as well as virtual transfers between various video conference systems, such as Zoom Meeting and GoToMeeting. And all this with an audience of up to 10,000 people, who participate interactively and participatively in the formats and are involved in a dialogue-oriented manner. We design online features from polling tools to chat windows to fishbowl formats - and create a real live experience.

With our professional licences for hopin, MS Teams Live Events, Cisco Webex Events or Expo-IP, we have an excellent digital infrastructure ready for our customers and have extensively trained ourselves in the optimal use of the various communication platforms: We have successfully used each of the platforms several times to date. Whether connecting to participants before, during and after live events, chat-based collaboration, calls, meetings live events: We do custom digital work, such as live editing web operating, lighting and sound, participant management, management of events including up-to-the-second direction and show call schedules.

Other services of central importance for our clients in the realisation of online productions: Technical checks in which lighting, room, microphone, camera, and the internet situation of all participants are tested, assessed and corrected, as well as a dress rehearsal for the safety of all instances and programming in advance.
Idea & Implementation
Some examples:
3rd CyberSecurityForum:

Under the motto " Secure. Innovative. Cybersecurity and Innovation”, experts discussed the topic at the invitation of the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Economics, Labour and Housing, including Minister Thomas Strobl on 10th February 2021. 843 participants followed the online conference in the home office edition with international reach.

Digital premiere: The annual kick-off conference of the Mannheimer Versicherung AG
Nearly 500 participants experienced an interactive kick-off event via livestream. We provided support from the technical implementation over the design and set-up of the broadcast studio in the various settings with around 15 m of direction up to the co-creation of the content.

How does the digital annual kick-off event work? Explainer video with presenter Patrick Linke:
online storytelling format for and with Mannheimer Versicherung. Idea, storyboard, and realisation in the green screen studio of our agency: Made by Team Ressmann. 503 meetings, 144 speed dates via the networking tool and 215 chat conversations are impressive proof of the intensive use of the excellently explained networking between participants.

BASF Agricultural Solutions: Livestream of the EMEA media roundtable
BBC presenter Joe Lynam chaired the online media roundtable on 19th November 2020 to communicate the BASF Agricultural Solutions "Global sustainability Roadmap" for the EMEA region with nearly 100 media representatives from across Europe. We supported the BASF team with the dramaturgy, the creation of the media and the event website, the interactive use of the online tool, the participant management, the design of the LED visuals and the production studio. We were also responsible for the show calling on site and the technical implementation of the livestream.