Change Management

Companies and institutions meet current and upcoming challenges with intelligent new strategies, structures, systems and processes. Why is it then that one-third of change processes are cancelled or fail to deliver in the required time frame? The role of the individual is central to the change process, whether just as an individual or part of a wider departmental or company structure.
A form of communication which focuses on the individual is Live Communication. Even here there is no “one size fits all” solution, but Live Communication does allow for the development of event concepts tailored to a situation or company culture which give decisive direction to successful change management.
Agentur Ressmann Mannheim Change Management
Agentur Ressmann Mannheim Change Management
To achieve change means putting trust in people, motivating and convincing them to have the courage to strike out on a new path together. A change process can only succeed when everyone is committed to the new path and actively participates.
Agentur Ressmann | Change Management
Agentur Ressmann | Change Management
Nevertheless, sharing and participation must be attuned to the status of the change process and individual contributions flow into the overall procedure to push the project forward. Our expertise includes the sensitive handling of key messages which will be the process drivers, reinforcing the important role played by managers and creating interactive modules.
With the proven technical know-how and experience gained from numerous successfully conceived and implemented change management processes for our clients, we have been engaging with the enormous potential of Live Communication in Change Management for over ten years now.
“Event Formats in the Change Management Process”, Elena Ressmann 
September 2018 saw the publication of the volume entitled “Eventformate für Personal und Organisation” (Event Formats for Human Resources and Organisation) in the series “Mannheimer Beiträge zur Betriebswirtschaftslehre” (Mannheim Contributions to Business Management).

Elena Ressmann was happy to meet the request of the publishers Prof. Dr. Michael Dinkel and Roman Baumgartner to write the chapter “Veranstaltungsformate im Change Management Process” (Event Formats in the Change Management Process).
Agentur Ressmann - Betriebswirtschaftslehre