Economic Forum „Digital Future – promising and equal opportunities “

Ministry of economics, work and housing Baden-Wuerttemberg
Economic congress
2018 (and 2017)
The transformation by the digital age already started sets up a great challenge and offers big chances for the economy and society. Agile working cultures are in high demand more than ever. Team spirit and team power in interdisciplinary groups take the place of hierarchy. The ministry invited to the second economic forum in Stuttgart to show off how digital transformation can be shaped in a promising and equal way by the companies or employees.
The Project and the Brief
We already accompanied the first economics forum on behalf of the ministry in 2017 with conceptional design and realization. With resounding success: 98 per cent of the participants rated the event consistently positive and asked for another congress. The claim for the second forum: designing an inspirational program for 550 participants and also for their perspectives, as well as inspiring decision-makers of Baden-Württemberg, economy, politics, economical organisations, women´s network and labour unions by creating interactive large group based formats in which they can take part in. 
Idea & Implementation
The focus was on four key questions:

Which impact do the digital transformation and the cultural change have on humans, expertise concepts, organisation concepts or leading concepts inside the organisation 4.0?

Which challenges and design possibilities are arising for equal opportunities and diversity inside a digital work environment or propulsive jobs of digitization?

How do solutions for a modern leading culture or corporate culture 4.0 look like?

Which people and organisation are the real drivers and role models for a cultural change with the digital future?

Thinking. Getting involved. Being in the middle – from the beginning: That´s the idea of the economic forum. For example inside the Design Thinking Studio or one of the three future forums “Digital Mindset”, “Creative Intelligence” and “Mindful Leadership 4.0”. Paths, fields of action and approaches for solutions were fleshed out and developed to ensure a modern leading and corporate culture. The dramaturgy which was existing analogous to a process of prototypes was embraced with an enthusiastic response. Elsewhere the Workplace 4.0 was experienceable: an interactive exhibition offered solutions for a modern working environment and much room for personal talks.

Well-known speakers gave insights and impulses, provoked with questions, showed solutions and visions. All discussions with the plenum were lively and exciting. Inside the innovative Testing Lab, the attendees were able to test products and services or test their ideas.

As a final impulse of the day and within the beginning schedule of the women's economic days two top-class managers were connected live out of the Silicon Valley. The head of the innovation camp Baden-Württemberg provided with answers in Stuttgart.

Testing. Sharing. Participating – not only to the end but far beyond the congress. The second economic forum was convincing. Our all-round service includes an overall concept and an event-dramaturgy as well as the stimulating role in regards to innovative and interactive formats which show the digital age. Besides a precise process controlling, managing all integrated crafts and participant management also event design was our mission. On that note, the media creation and successful realization of the congress was an important part of it.
Agentur Resmann
Dr. Birgit Buschmann, head of unit “economy and equality” in the ministry of economics Baden-Württemberg: “shaping the digital future promising and equal did work out because of the innovative and interactive conference concept made by the agency Ressmann: The Workplace 4.0 has been evolving to a communicative core piece. 98 percent of the participants interviewed by us would take part in another congress again.”