Gala, Anniversary or Award Ceremony


Gala Events

Whether a glamorous kick-off or fascinating highlight, public hotspot or simply a grand evening — a gala event invites the guest to step into a glittering and dramatic setting.
Experience at first hand, exceed the expectations of your guests through professional design, unusual locations and confident management. We are here to help, offering surprising presentations with a passion for detail and a wealth of experience.

Anniversary Events

A milestone anniversary demands a broad view: from early beginnings to future aspirations, the brief is to highlight the development, accomplishments, skills and vision of a company to employees and associates, local authorities or often whole regions.
Putting the jubilee event at the heart of the anniversary message, providing professional direction and management of an exciting concept from planning to execution, that is our aim. Particular examples of such projects are the jubilee gala “50 Years RKW” and events to mark “150 Years BASF”. Invitations, media design, VIP support, welcome speeches for the Executive Board, artistic performances, lighting, sound, décor: that’s a given.

Award Ceremonies

A high level of meticulous management is essential for award ceremonies. Entertaining and appreciative: the presentation of the nominees. Exciting and dazzling: the celebration of the winners. Coherent staging with lighting, sound, film and live acts, great stage orientation, the design of appropriate media and certificates.
Our back catalogue includes the atmospheric and impressive setting for the 2017 BASF Safety Champions Team Award and overall artist support for the Radio Regenbogen Awards 2017.