Sustainability: An example of the BASF Bauernmarkt with 18,000 visitors

JULY 2019
We can conceptualize and realize the BASF Bauernmarkt along with the BASF project team for many years. An overall successful major event — with lots of possibilities to experience sustainability also with the production of media.

We consciously use displays and pillars made of corrugated paper — thereby we only use recyclable advertisement media. Corrugated paper consists of 80% waste paper or cardboard and the required 20% of fresh fibre is made of demolition wood or thinning trees. No trees were felled.

We chose the manufactory spot display wisely. The factory in Osnarbrück convinces with their clean energy, innovative heating technology and much more. Corrugated paper is applicably in various ways, extremely solid and can be easily disposed of eco-friendly. The pillars of the BASF Bauernmarkt have been used for several and are professionally stored for subsequent use.

Agentur Ressmann | BASF Bauernmarkt