Virtual art performance: the online action with Stephanie Senge

JuLY 2020
 An art exhibition that goes beyond the classic museum visit.
That enables dialogue and interaction with the artist herself.
That makes the artist's studio virtually accessible.
An exhibition that offers added value and turns viewers into participants and “strong consumers”.

It is the Kunsthalle Göppingen and the artist Stephanie Senge who are inviting the publicity to this extraordinarily participative and experimental dialogue event on July 15, 2020 at 7:00 p.m.

The Berlin artist's exhibition “Konsumbibliothek” would like to raise awareness of our consumer behavior, confront us with the question of which things are important to us and which are not.

All participants can join the event via the online tool Webex Events – live and unlimited. Interested people can therefore not only talk to the artist, but also to the professor of aesthetics, Dr. Bazon Brock and the art historian Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich, with the director Dr. Melanie Ardjah and curator Eva Paulitsch - both from the Kunsthalle Göppingen – to get in touch with them, chat and ask questions. And finally become part of this new online art performance.

The agency-team conceptualizes and accompanies the entire online performance of this multifaceted art exhibition, creating a cultural online format that stays in mind for the long term. For joining the event please use the following link:
Agentur Ressmann | Kunsthalle Göppingen | Online