Constructive together via Video Conference

MAY 2020
Everyday life at the universities has changed a lot due to Covid-19. Online formats are replacing the lecture hall, students are worried about their financial security, there is a great demand for planning security - also in Baden-Württemberg.

Now more than ever, it's time to get together, listen to each other, collect ideas and suggestions. For this reason, the Ministry of Science organised a video conference with the Minister Theresia Bauer and a total of 34 students from the student body in Baden-Württemberg on Tuesday, 19th May. Divided according to the subject areas, the students could take turns in entering a personal dialogue with the Minister and ask further question via the chat function.

The agencys team sat in the director's chair: we provided the system, created a dramaturgically effective discussion format and ensured smooth functioning. The result: a meeting at eye level - interactive, participative and dialogue-oriented. Valuable and constructive for both sides.

Agentur Ressmann | Theresia Bauer | Wissenschaftsministerium BW