Multi-voiced and interdisciplinary: 2-day online conference Heidelberg Nutrition Forum

November 2020
Broadcasted from the in house green screen studio, the livestream offered an innovative screen design and the interactive use of the online tool Cisco Webex Events to provide an interactive and participatory framework for scientists.

The "24th Heidelberg Nutrition Forum" of the Dr. Rainer Wild Foundation with over 400 participants was virtually staged by us.

Imparting knowledge and promoting knowledge transfer, actively promoting dialogue, setting innovative impulses, linking up with the future: The Foundation's online science congress invited a multi-voiced and interdisciplinary exchange. Over two days, the online conference offered an interesting and interactive online platform for scientists, experts, and high-ranking speakers on the topic of Food Well-Being.

Surveys, expert panels and fishbowls, chat and Q&A sessions allowed the expert community to engage in a valuable exchange. Once again it became clear how important it is to meet and get together. "Covid 19 has changed our lives dramatically.... We feel what is important to us," said Hanni Rützler (futurefoodstudio, Vienna) in her keynote speech.

For the third time this year, the Dr. Rainer Wild Foundation relied on our agencies competences for the conception, monitoring and control of the planning, realisation and film documentation of the two-day online event including the virtual evening event "Dinner Talk". 

Heidelberg Nutrition Forum_2020 - Dr. Rainer Wild-Stiftung for healthy nutrition

Agentur Ressmann | Heidelberger Ernährungsforum 02