Video production and social media posts for the launch of global sustainability communication

November 2020
BASF has launched its "Global Sustainability Roadmap". We were able to support the Agricultural Solutions division with an innovative broadcast studio design,
wall design for LED projections, the conception and production of video clips and animated infographics for social media.
In the middle of the BASF estate Rehhütte we built a professional studio setting inside the barn "Schlepperhalle".
We produced various video formats, such as Q&A sessions, video snippets and animated infographics for social media, as well as interviews with Saori Dubourg, Member of the Board of Executive Directors of BASF SE, Vincent Gros, President Agricultural Solutions, and Dirk Voeste, Senior Vice President Global Product Safety & Registration in BASF's Agricultural Solutions division.

Agentur Ressmann | BASF Global Virtual Media Event 2020 02