BASF Agricultural Solutions: Livestream of the EMEA media roundtables

Award-winning BBC presenter Joe Lynam in dialogue with Vincent Gros, President Agricultural Solutions, and Livio Tedeschi, Vice President Agricultural Solutions Europe, Africa, Middle East, and CIS: This was the online media roundtable on 19 November 2020 to communicate BASF Agricultural Solutions' “Global sustainability Roadmap” for the EMEA region.
BASF defines its commitment to sustainability in agriculture in four words: Right Balance. Better Yield.
In their short presentations, Vincent Gros and Livio Tedeschi explained BASFs measures and objectives on this path: “We want to share our action plan to transform European agriculture by actively reducing CO2 emissions, increasing biodiversity, minimizing the use of natural resources and ensuring farmers have the skills and capacity to produce sufficient, safe, nutritious and affordable food for all.“ The Q&A session developed into a lively discussion with almost 100 media representatives from all over Europe. Once again, our broadcast studio setting was used on the BASF Rehhütte estate farm. With experienced professionalism, we supported the BASF team with the dramaturgy, the design of media and the event website, the interactive use of the online tool, the participant management, the design of the LED visuals, the production studio and were responsible for the showcalling on site as well as the technical implementation of the livestream.

Agentur Ressmann | BASF Agricultural Solutions Livestream EMEA 02