Good for us and our environment:

JUNE 2020
Our 250 young birch trees are growing, reducing carbon emissions and making us happy.

Not long ago, back in December 2019, we sent young birch seedlings to our customers and to companions of our team. As a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact we want to live up to our high standards regarding sustainability. And actively contribute to climate protection.

What about the young birch trees? We regularly receive messages about healthy growing birches on numerous balconies, terraces or in gardens. In times where so much seems to stand still – nature continues to grow, blossom, recover. With every new leaf, every new bud, every new blossom, nature shows us that it goes on. Small signs of hope in our daily life which do us so much good. And which show us once again how valuable nature is for our existence.

Agentur Resmmann | Environment