What defines our quality of life today?

Digital transformation, Work 4.0, future mobility, artificial intelligence and smart city: what are the challenges we face in the here and now, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow? And how does mankind, with his subjective feelings and need for wellbeing, remain the focal point? What does he need to stride positively into the future?

What can we do to encourage creativity? To motivate companies and fellow human beings to cross-pollinate, to network intelligently, to act and to produce sustainably? And to boldly implement new ideas.

We are actively engaged with the challenges of the future and are ever conscious of our responsibility. We develop intelligent and individual event concepts that set trends and create a lasting impression.

What moves us, what inspires us?

From time to time we provide links to interesting articles and to videos posted on YouTube which have inspired us — and perhaps will inspire you too.

Music is way more.

Italian men, who fill the deserted streets with their powerful voices in the late evening - full of courage, fervour and strength. Or a “Nonna”, a grandmother, dancing in Naples, who simply dances away the isolation and enjoys the few minutes of being light. Or police officers on Mallorca, who get creative during quarantine periods and keep people in check with music.

These are the images and the sounds that are good for us today, we even need them. They have an immediate effect on our minds. We become more positive, more confident, more motivated.

Music has shaped us from birth, probably even earlier. It touches us like hardly anything else and can drive us to peak performance by stimulating our creativity, making us more physically and mentally mobile. It is important to see and use this added value. We experience it so often in all our projects. Sometimes the live music at the beginning of a conference or the music at the Come Together or at the evening dinner event is the first thing to be cancelled when savings are due. But isn't it exactly the music that is the most efficient "accelerator lever" for what we want to achieve? Namely to strengthen the sense of unity, the motivation, the innovative exchange, the creative power of everyone.

Video 1 published: 13.03.2020, YouTube
Video 2 published: 21.03.2020, YouTube
Video 3 published: 28.03.2020, YouTube
Video 4 published by Christin Georgi, Facebook

Together we can achieve great things …..

We are very pleased to actively support the UN Global Concept as a woman-led business. The Human Factor 4.0 requires diversity to develop innovations and to drive these forward — as a member of the largest and most important global initiative for responsible business management and as a WEConnect certified enterprise, we are fully engaging with this.

Diversity and innovation are necessary not only within a business but also in the supply chain. The members of WEConnect International stand for networking and the successful positioning of women-led businesses in global supplier diversity.

Published: 19.03.2019, YouTube, United Nations Global Compact

Audi – Environmental Protection at Audi

It is one of the greatest challenges of our time: ecological, economic and social sustainability, responsible and careful actions mindful of our planet and the generations to come. Sustainability is the prime motivator for us and our customers.

Published: 12.03.2018, YouTube

Tarek Aitmeddour - “En Dansant Sur la Terrasse”

"En Dansant Sur la Terrasse" by and with the choreographer Tarek Aitmeddour
held us entranced. We bow to Tarek and echo one of the comments: it touched my soul.

Published: 23.02.2017, YouTube

BASF – With Optimism into the Future

Not only does this BASF short film start with an image of Iceland — our second home — but it also calls on us to be optimistic in the face of daily research and work on finding solutions to one of the greatest challenges of our time. We find this two-minute sequence, published on YouTube on 19.03.2018, inspirational.

Julius Chisolm - Slow Motion

Performing arts. Beautiful, minimalistic, calm and with captivating expressiveness. Art that moves. In both senses of the word. Thank you, Julius Chisolm!

Julius iGlide Chisolm in “Slow Motion” from Sidewalks and Skeletons

Published: 26.02.2017, YouTube