The program of the 20th Start-up Day Rhein-Neckar is online now

Oktober 2019
Everything is planned, it is posted again and again – now we start the final organization of the big anniversary event: new interactive formats, a huge amount of know-how and do-how – the program, which is for free, containig interviews, short lectures, workshops and podia is fascinating, informative and online now:  
We are organizing the nation’s most successful regional event on self-employement for the 14th time and we are thrilled that the daily newspapers, magazines and newsletters have also started reporting. Founders, young entrepreneurs, freelancers and people, who have an business idea and are looking for contacts to companies or other founders, should take notes about the date or give us a like and follow us on instagram: @existenzgruendungstag and facebook.

Agentur Ressmann | Existenzgründungstag