Revylutionary: Berlin, Dresden, Rostock, Wolfsburg…

“We’ve always looked up at the sky in pure amazement. We’re fascinated by the beauty of nature. We want to understand how it’s all connected.
The appeal of the infinite universe sparks our curiosity. And our thirst for knowledge.”
This way the medial experience launches to convey responsibility for our planet earth and shows the highlight of our campaign “Ready for the REVYLUTION”.
Storyline and event design have been developed by us to build a coherent and enthusiastic setting for more than 1000 BASF clients.
The main focus is on the impressive dome movie. In cooperation with Rocco Helmchen (production) and Johannes Kraas (music) we created a 20 minutes movie which represents again the claim and responsibility of farmers and BASF SE. A pictorial and inspirational masterpiece.

Agentur Ressmann | Revytrex Roadshow BASF