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Conception and planning, implementation, management and evaluation of events,
events and projects, as well as platforms, initiatives and campaigns on the
the topics of occupational health and safety
Occupational safety and health are big issues for our customers - and central topics for our communications agency.

Occupational safety campaigns for Merck, the "Sichermacher" initiative and BASF's Global Safety Days, campaigns for OLAM Cocoa Germany on World Day for Safety and Health at Work, and numerous other campaigns and projects: We have been working intensively on the topics of occupational health and safety since 2009. Our radius of action: worldwide. Added value for our customers: A high degree of experience, expertise and creativity in format development and networked, target-oriented communication measures.
Task & aspiration
How do we sensitize and inspire employees for the topics of occupational safety and health? How do we create connections, a "we" feeling and a common understanding of safety in the workplace between colleagues from production, offices and construction, laboratories and logistics, and contractors? And how do we achieve the goal of a common safety culture across different sites worldwide?
The focus of our agency work is on the conception and implementation of motivating and interesting impulses: Dialog-oriented, participative and cross-media - these are central factors in an employee communication that raises the awareness of all employees for safety and accident prevention in the workplace and sustainably strengthens the safety culture of a company or group.
Idea & implementation
From the way to work to protective equipment, from ergonomics at the workplace to the correct handling of hazardous substances and emergency plans - the Occupational Health and Safety Act obliges employers to instruct employees in health and safety.
We develop concepts that are surprising and sustainable, up to date and optimally tailored to the needs and corporate culture; from exchange and actions to gamification, good practice examples and storytelling - we use effective tools and formats. In addition, we are increasingly involved with behavior-based safety (BBS), which examines the behavior of employees in relation to safety deficiencies and risks.
Selected examples of our work in the context of occupational health and safety:
BASF - Global Safety Days (2014-2021). The platform for further training and development of behavior-based safety concepts and for intensive exchange on good practices worldwide. Similarly, we accompanied the chemical company's Sichermacher initiative (2009-2021) with actions, events and campaigns on occupational and plant safety.
2020: Joint development of a participatory, virtual training site for occupational safety with the BASF team: online platform that makes safety training possible regardless of time and location. Selfie video clips, interactive live demos via Webex and video presentations with PowerPoint are integrated into the overall dramaturgy in an eye-catching way.
Merck - "teamsafe." campaign (since 2021). Goal-oriented further development of the company's safety culture after campaign kick-off. ICH became WIR - "Selbstsicher" became "teamsicher." Guerrilla campaign, employee photo shoot, 3D artwork, safety slam, action week on road safety and many other campaigns and creative ideas. Digital and on-site, cross-channel campaign communication that we conceptualize and execute with and for Merck. The goal: To promote a long-term awareness of occupational safety among employees as well as intrinsic motivation, to encourage safe behavior among each other so that safe behaviors become a habit. Live behavior-based safety work and sustainably improve occupational safety.
OLAM Cocoa Germany - (since 2021) World Days for Safety and Health at Work.* Several times, our agency supported with different actions and modules on occupational safety. The constant goal: to raise employees' awareness of safety and accident prevention interactively and sustainably and thus strengthen the safety culture in the company in the long term, such as reenacting various accident and fire cases together with experts on simulators, testing one's own rescue from a passenger car after a rollover accident, simulating distractions in road traffic, and learning the correct handling of a fire extinguisher through a fire extinguishing exercise.
*April 28 is the World Day for Safety and Health at Work. This day of action was established in 1984 by the International Labor Organization (ILO). The International Labor Organization is a specialized agency of the UN and is responsible for the formulation and enforcement of international labor and social standards. Quote ILO: "...The minimum standards applicable worldwide are intended to ensure rights at work and thus decent work for all people in the world."
"...Looking, giving each other open feedback, tackling together and breaking new ground are key factors for safe behavior and just as much the ingredients for our years of successful cooperation. Challenging tasks always mean having a team at your side that can meet these demands. And you do that with bravura - thank you very much!"

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ESE/ST- Safety Initiatives, Media and Concepts (until 30.12.2017)