When the sky becomes a canvas...

JulY 2023 
...and the colorful lights merge into figures, you can't help but watch spellbound and be carried away by the story we painted into the night with a drone show we designed with twinkling dots.

In the spirit of sustainability and innovation, the wind-powered drones brought the sky to life and invited the audience:inside for a moment into another world. In this way, individual messages could be conveyed. Whether image or text - the possibilities offered by a show with the flying robots are almost as limitless as the night sky in which it takes place.

What seems like a carefree dance of drones for the viewers is carefully conceptualized beforehand. As an agency, we offer drone shows - from the initial concept of 'storytelling in the sky' to the storyboard for drone shows with 3D visualizations, we are also responsible for programming and staging on site: Behind the spectacle is state-of-the-art technology and meticulous timing.

The drone show is the fireworks of the future - and we are there! Our claim is a conscious interaction with people, animals and the environment, without being restricted in our freedom of design. That is why we rely on this environmentally friendly alternative, which does not pollute our environment with noise, waste or fine dust.

Thus, we continue to convince with perfect highlights for memorable evening events and resolutely pursue our goal: to create moments that make a lasting impression.