Every drop counts! – and we are counting on you

March 2022
Under the motto ‘every drop counts!’ we are launching an appeal for more sustainability. We call on everyone – including you – to replace conventional bottled mineral water with tap water. With this purpose in mind, we are providing a total of 500 glasses.

We create awareness, promote rethinking, and love our tap water. But why? ‘Water is the driving force of nature’ (Leonardo da Vinci).

It is one of our most significant resources, one of our most important foods. Drinking water is of high importance for our health, it stimulates our ability to think, and encourages creativity for new ideas and impulses.

According to a study by GUTcert 2020, a litre of bottled mineral water produces an average of over 202 g of CO² - however, a litre of tap water produces 0.35 g of CO². With a daily water consumption of 2 litres per person, this makes an enormous difference. If all of our 500 glasses are used to drink tap water every day, together we will save around 74 tonnes of CO² in just one year!

If everyone in Germany were to give up bottled water and consume only tap water, we could save around 3 million tonnes of CO² every year – that is 1.5 times as much CO² as is produced each year by domestic air traffic in Germany. Together with our partners, customers, and friends, we want to change our way of thinking, live change, and look forward optimistically.

We look forward to a creative today, a healthy tomorrow, and an emission-free day after tomorrow!


Agentur Ressmann | Jeder Tropfen zählt!