Premiere as an online event: 3rd CyberSicherheitsForum on 10 February 2021

February 2021
An online communication campaign with a teaser video on YouTube, the Xing appereance, social media posts and the event website - these were just some of the challenges we faced in advance to the 3rd CyberSicherheitsForum: Thomas Strobl, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior, Digitalisation and Migration of the State of Baden-Württemberg, invited to the event premiere as a Covid-compliant home office version. "Cybersecurity creates innovation and innovation creates cybersecurity": The 3rd CyberSicherheitsForum focused on the interactions between cybersecurity and innovation. Our work prior to the event focused on the idea and conception of the teaser videos for the event, relaunches of the designs for the social media campaign and the adaptation of the existing website with the new content for the event as well as the design of the online event with all content and a media library on the online conference platform Hopin. Working closely with the Ministry of the Interior, we conceived, wrote and designed the new digital appearance. The setting in the green screen studio of our location as well as the staging and dramaturgy of the overall event were also part of our tasks.

Agentur Ressmann | 3. Cybersicherheitsforum 02
Agentur Ressmann | 3. Cybersicherheitsforum 03