Our Team

Inspires, unlocks potential and continuously develops new formats. Recognises structures and gets right to the heart of complex issues to shape messages and encourage dialogue. Live communication for the digital age! More than 20 years in agency management provide a rich source for sophisticated concepts, change and innovation management. Her background: corporate communication degree, history of art and psychology studies – and a wealth of experience gained in over 700 successfully completed events.

Elena Ressmann

+49 (0) 621 / 122 977 - 22
20 years of professional experience in event marketing and more than 400 realised events of any typology distinguish the experienced senior project manager today. With her special feeling for form language and design, Alexandra Altmann creates coherent concepts, surprising experiences and lasting impressions - full of ideas and with careful process control. Her particular strength: analogue and virtual dialogue and interaction formats with large audiences and the public.

Alexandra Altmann

Senior Project Leader
+49 (0) 621 / 122 977 - 50
The graduate business manager knows how to combine her key competencies. As a project manager, she leads ambitious communication and event concepts. Highest process accuracy go hand in hand with agile project management. Innovative ideas are given the ideal space to develop and are effectively staged by her. Inspired by the dynamics of the digital world, she knows how to optimally combine online and offline measures. This is how she manages to create event experiences that inspire with lasting effect.

Gianna Frazzetta

Project Leader
+49 (0) 621 / 122 977 - 20
This sociologist incorporates knowledge about the meaning and structures of action into dramaturgies and concepts. Her analytical and concentrated view of the big picture does not lose any detail. Whether analogue or digital - she composes formats and elements of communication in an accomplished manner. Previously she was active in systematic format development for cultural and management development, scientific symposia and major university events.

Christina Bleck

Project Management
Focus Concept & Strategy
+49 (0) 621 / 122 977 - 40 
She is the bridge builder of cross-over projects. With a master's degree in media and communication sciences with the focus on media psychology, she has worked in print and TV editorial departments as well as in the public relations of cultural institutions. With her valuable expertise, her analytical view and her sparkling creativity she leads the communication strategies of the projects. Especially in the development of omnichannel (marketing) concepts, major corporations, companies and public authorities benefit from her expertise.

Eva Bunse

Leader Content Development &
Communication Campaigns
+49 (0) 621 / 122 977 - 63
Katharina develops interlinked communications. Whether surprisingly inward-looking or wide open to public scrutiny, she has a knack for combining the written and spoken word to effectively convey the given message. Whether print or digital, exhibition presentation, invitation, website or crossover campaign, this all-round experienced communications expert enhances all our projects through her knowledge of communication strategy and media orientated conceptual details.

Katharina Schürer

Communications Management
Editorial & PR
+49 (0) 621 / 122 977 - 30
This aspiring media designer for digital and print media was already marked out for her artistic talent when graduating from high school, receiving an award for exceptional performance in the visual arts. An internship with a goldsmith persuaded her to turn her design talent into a profession, and thus she plays an important supporting role in our media & design unit by applying fresh and innovative ideas to add form, glitz and expression to many things.

Tamara Metzer

Design & Media 
+49 (0) 621 / 122 977 - 82  
With design and concept expertise Sabine Daners emphasises Brands, creates communication campaigns and produces corporate designs. Her passion and profession are creative design, unforgettable moments, lasting enthusiasm and high-quality media. The experienced designer thinks in interdisciplinary terms. She works routinely in a team with editors, illustrators, photographers and film producers and gives every single dimension of communication a special expression. She is always looking for new methods of communication, online as well as offline – but always cross-medial.

Sabine Daners

Art Director &
Media Manager
+49 (0) 621 / 122 977 - 80
The media & communications scientist and trained graphic designer enjoyes the diversity of concrete assignments. She sets herself the task to face demanding communication with creativity and shaping power in order to establish haptics and visibility.

Xenia Münsterkötter

Design & Media 
+49 (0) 621 / 122 977 - 81 
Simon has been a drummer since the age of 6 and plays in various bands and orchestras. Nowadays he produces music himself. Despite his noisy hobbies and passion for electronic music, hip hop and rock, he has no need for loudness at work: he speaks fluent English, French and Spanish and assists in international projects with appropriate sensitivity and intercultural skills.

Simon Schoofs

Project Assistant
+49 (0) 621 / 122 977 - 60  
She was born in Ireland, has French roots and grew up in Germany: that makes her a native speaker of three languages. In the agency, she is particularly responsible for international and multicultural projects. Her eloquence and attentiveness to the fine nuances of project design and her expertise in effective storytelling pave the way for participation and involvement.
Her focus: the connectivity of analogue and digital formats of live communication.

Julie Kennedy

Project Management
+49 (0) 621 / 122 977 - 40 
This impassioned dancer attacks all her tasks with diligence, perseverance and enthusiasm: whatever the task or the challenges in the planning and execution of events and incentives. At the top of her game and bursting with ideas, joining in, getting involved, with a determination to be accurate and precise and sparing no effort in her ambition to improve day by day – these are the qualities which have gained her a firm place in our team.

Antonia Hornberger

Project Assistant
+49 (0) 621 / 122 977 - 42
Won´t work, doesn´t exist - that´s her motto.
After completing her education as a foreign language correspondent and some study semester in economics the prospective event manager complements our team with structured organisation and fresh ideas.

Maya Libbach

Project Assistant
+49 (0) 621 / 122 977 - 21  
Alyssa brings fresh and innovative ideas to the table: in communication within the social networks and the communication and interface with project management, content editors and graphics. Tagging, posting, liking, instant messaging – she intuitively and actively pursues credibility in social media communications. She participates in endurance sports, and endurance is exactly what this committed team player exhibits in her many and varied tasks within the agency.

Alyssa Kafka

Digital Native & Social Media Assistant
+49 (0) 621 / 122 977 - 32  
For him nothing is too much, nothing is too difficult. With great care and setting high standards of efficiency, Bernd is the man behind the scenes responsible for the logistics of equipment and facilities. Sceneries appear, are expanded or reinstalled and at the end are quietly disassembled and packed away. His know-how in materials and technology is fundamental to incentives, events and conferences, while his humour and experience are invaluable for the smooth running and the high responsiveness of our agency.

Bernd Altmann

Logistics Manager
+49 (0) 621 / 122 977 - 70
There is no room for procrastination in the World Wide Web: accurate, up to the minute, highly professional and always available – as are the experienced web and social media experts that complement our team. Whether it is content management, Facebook marketing or an event website: our clients benefit from professionalism, flexible capacity and incredible response speed, as well as a perfectly matched workflow. As do we.

Web- und Social Media

Whether a trailer or promotional film, documentation, editorial, report or advertisement: highly professional and with an exceptional feel for the effect of still or moving images, highlighted with spoken language or music. Our partners in the area of photography, film and media production employ the newest technologies and are familiar with all image genres – worldwide.

Photography, Film & Media

We have an optimum relationship and are perfectly in sync with our partners in every trade worldwide. Ranging from the whole spectrum of event technology, through guides, moderators, keynote speakers or artists: satisfied customers and successful realisation, from the “city of squares” and throughout the world, are a testament to this. We are a DMC for Iceland – our second home — and are therefore recognised insiders in the worldwide network of DMCs.  

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