KVT3 Intermodal Transport Terminal

Inaugural Ceremony
Inaugural Ceremony
“Have you ever seen cranes dancing?” The KTL Intermodal Transport Terminal Ludwigshafen GmbH operates one of the leading transshipment terminals in Europe. BASF SE is the largest shareholder with 40% ownership.
The Project and the Brief
The third expansion stage of the terminal with three new high-performance cranes was completed in October 2012. The inaugural ceremony was meant in particular to showcase the enormous performance potential of the plant.
Idea and Implementation
We wanted to set benchmarks. And to do that with a bold and ambitious reference to the impressive technical power of the equipment and the highly accurate operator performance required for the control of these “technical giants”.

We did set benchmarks: with the composition and premiere of the “Crane Overture”.

We wrote scores for an electric guitar, a classical guitar, three crane drivers, three truck drivers and one train driver. The idea: to literally stage a transfer operation from rail to road, or to put it another way, as some said afterwards: a crane ballet. Musical, theatrical, graceful, impressive. Waltz, samba, rock – in perfect sync.

Stage 3 expansion, 3 cranes, 3 sounds, 3 truck drivers: the idea, the effort involved and this unique staging called for a 3-pronged event:

Day 1: the inaugural ceremony with Federal Minister Peter Ramsauer and around 200 invited guests.

Day 2: inauguration with customers, again with around 200 invited guests.

Day 3: an open invitation for neighbours and interested members of the public, around 1,000 guests.

With accompanying exhibition in containers.

The small challenge within the larger one: to orchestrate an electric and a classical guitar in complete harmony, to coordinate a show via timecodes in a total of seven drivers’ cabs, with direction from a height of 12 metres.

And again the number 3: only 3 days to practise, as the cranes were completed only 3 days before.

Our advantage: our customers’ complete trust in our ability to fulfil and in the strength of our team, the passion of all involved, including the crane drivers and truck drivers who danced the waltz and the samba between containers and …. a crane driver trained in dressage!
“You actually made these cranes dance! An unparalleled staging. A heartfelt thank you for your competence, passion, courage and precision!”

Petra Grieshaber
Project Leader, BASF SE, Communications and Site Relations