Diversity Congress Baden-Wuerttemberg

Managing diversity — shaping the future
Ministry of economics, work and housing Baden-Wuerttemberg
Economic congress. Diversity-workshop included.
Appreciation and focused use of diversity and different capabilities of employees — that´s the key thought of Diversity Management. And an important role for economic success.
The Project and the Brief 
Creating an economic conference with an exhibition which presents Diversity Management as a futuristic approach of management: The Diversity Congress of Baden-Wuerttemberg. Especially the small or medium-sized companies shall be motivated to develop the chances of a modern corporate culture that is focused on diversity. At the same time it is important to increase the potential for success by using strategic generations’ management, modern leadership models and intercultural teams.
Idea and Implementation
The second Diversity Congress of Baden-Württemberg with its seven expert forums offered an overview of the different dimensions of diversity management and best-practice examples out of regional companies. Experts showed the meaning of diversity in leading positions and the importance of the ability to innovate in an enterprise. Possible answers were framed and discussed to questions like: How can the integration of refugees in a factory succeed? How to create generations management, appropriate working time or career models and put them into practice? An accompanying exhibition, attractive formats with a lot of time and space for exchange and network, a diversity course and a Diversity Thinkers Lounge completed the top-level program.

On behalf of the ministry of economics, work and housing Baden-Württemberg we were responsible for the draft and concept of the congress. Equally, it was our field of duty to manage the invitations management, conference management, Save the Date, participants’ management and speakers’ management. The congress has been fully booked more than three weeks before the date.

The agency´s team is working on behalf of the ministry of economics, work and housing Baden-Württemberg since 1997.
Involved parties  
The ministry, economic associations, networks, chambers, service companies and 30 top-class experts shared ideas, impressions and innovations with 400 professional audience members consisting of business leaders and HR-experts out of the economy of Baden-Wuerttemberg.