Enthusiastic feedback on sustainability: active climate protection glass for glass...

APRIL 2022
We accompany our clients on their way to more sustainability and are responsible for the visualization of their sustainability strategies. The topic of sustainability has also been firmly stored in our agency DNA for many years.

From "Am at it....many thanks :-)! Very nice glass, great idea!!!" to "...very ❤-felt thanks also to the rest of the team for this innovative glass..." to "Thank you very much for the glass gift and especially the good idea for it! Great that you do that, yes, I only drink tap water anyway and now I know how sustainable that is above all." Water boosts our creativity, tap water is on everyone's lips: We are very pleased with the enthusiastic response to our appeal and our 2022 campaign for more sustainability: "Every drop counts!".

Around 450 of the total of 500 glasses, packaged sustainably as a matter of course, have left the rooms of our
internationally operating communication and marketing consulting agency for live communication
and event marketing and are filled with tap water over and over again every day.
again and again: And so, together with our clients, partners and
friends to save around 74 tons of CO² in just one year and put our agency understanding,
of rethinking and living change.

Every drop counts! Many thanks for this enthusiastic feedback, which reached us in impressive
impressive amount of feedback.

We look forward to a creative today, a healthy tomorrow and an emission-free the day after tomorrow.


Agentur Ressmann | Begeistertes Feedback auf Nachhaltigkeit