MESH European Tour




A tour of six weeks and twelve European countries – live and direct! The Mobile Energy Saving House from BASF, or MESH for short, went halfway around the continent in order to highlight the various new and established building materials from BASF used for creating the perfectly insulated home. The model house was welded onto a large lorry carriage and presented on over 20 public spaces. At each location, local native speaking promotion teams gave qualified information on the house itself and the building materials used in modern, sustainably responsible housing construction.

The tour route stopped at major European cities and infrastructurally relevant locations. In just three months the MESH European Tour was meticulously planned and the route developed to satisfy the high communication and logistical demands.

Positioning a promotion truck of that size required excellent regional knowledge, precise insider information and a careful and process-oriented project management in the various European countries, from Austria to Poland, from Denmark to France and many more. Local authorities and business had to be convinced of the relevance of the project, safety regulations satisfied and permissions acquired. Within each country a team of promoters was briefed in detail how to provide concise, easily understandable information on new material technology to the public. The entire tour could be tracked live online, and the newest images and reviews seen. While public relations work accompanied each and every presentation of MESH.