Overture of the cranes

Opening & dedication



A 'Crane Dance of Joy' was the headline in the "Rheinpfalz" newspaper and, indeed, the inauguration of the intermodal transport terminal provided an impressive overture to the completion of the third construction phase of the project.  Large-scale investment targeted the expansion of the trans-shipment centre in the heart of Germany and equip it to meet the logistical challenges of modern-day Europe. The event design not only demonstrated the dynamics of the location, but the total presentation over three days provided an impressive show. Representatives from business and government were invited, alongside residents of the area to allow them to experience everything live. 

The highlight of each day was a demonstration of the process of loading a container from 'road to rail', but with a distinct twist: featuring an ensemble of three crane drivers, a train driver, three lorry drivers and, most unusually, two guitar virtuosos.  It was the combination of Hinrik Bjarnason on the classical guitar and Thomas Maos on the electric guitar that gave life to this "Crane Dance of Joy".  Against this background even the normally stark display of loading containers was raised to artistic heights.  To the rocking strains of the two guitars, the containers in harmony with the graceful cranes performed waltzes and aerial acrobatics before winging their way on to the train and into the wide beyond. A truly masterly performance!