Corporate Design




Handling the corporate design for live communications does not only require knowledge in the fields of material and technical capabilities, but mostly a good understanding in design for the media which must have the „live“ effect.


The brand and the company culture are transferred into something objective, as in an actual object or a 3D animation. That’s how impressive stage designs or sensitive branding results, as well as topic-affine give aways, invitations which attract attention, modern and contemporary presentations, useful programme and conference documents or even information and sales folders are examples for the communication media to which we give special consideration.


For meaningful and quicker communication we develop key visuals as well as pictograms and icons to make messages perceptible.We use the corporate design guidelines to make the branding perceptible through 3D character and get to the heart of the messages.


The media design and text team of this agency supports the live communication with a thread running through the whole story, whether it’s digital or print media.


Regarding moving images and photography we work with competent network partners on an international basis.