BASF Bauernmarkt

 Public event



"Responsibility for mankind and environment - what are the challenges for modern agriculture?"  That is just one of the many themes of the large BASF Bauernmarkt, which takes place annually on Whit Saturday.  The event, held at the Rehhuette, Limburgerhof attracts more than 20,000 visitors, with a mix of information booths and a colourful family programme.

Every year, we take up the challenge of highlighting the behind the scenes work of the BASF Agricultural Center in Limburgerhof, e.g. research and development, to make it easily accessible and understandable to everyone.  Beyond that, precise organisation and management is necessary as the interface for the well over 100 external exhibitors and suppliers. The visitors are thus guaranteed a well organised and diverse programme on a "real" agricultural estate, the Rehhuette in Limburgerhof.  This is vital to retaining and increasing interest in the event.

Each year sees new additions and enhancements to the wide-ranging programme in line with current trends and topics, so that alongside the 'classics' there is always something new and surprising.

The consistently high number of visitors is proof in itself that the BASF Bauernmarkt, organised in close co-operation with the BASF team, is an annual highlight of the Rhein-Neckar Metropolitan Region and counts as one of the largest such markets in the Rhein-Pfalz area.


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